Diaspora Errand/Project Management


Diaspora Project Management and Errands

Asset Management

This service supports you in all your project management activities in Africa whilst you are in the diaspora.Munyayi means a go between middle person so let us manage your projects for a transparent outcome.
We explore the ways we work with our clients to manage their properties and portfolios
• Commercial Management
• Retail Management
• Residential Management
• Business
We provide smart real-time data on operations and performance to keep you at ease whilst your investments are operational in different parts of Africa.
Supervision and inspections gone are the days of receive incorrect information from relatives and friends about the progress of your investments.
Insurance and security are needed for all your investments in Africa. We work with several reputable insurance and security firms to protect your investments.


This service supports you in acquiring different documents that you need for personal or business purposes.

• Registration Permits
• Licence and renewals
• Birth certificate
• School certificates
• Title deed processing
• Business Registration
• Income tax processing
• Work permit processing
• Land and property due diligence
• Insurance
• Passport application and renewal
• Local and international driver’s licence.

Personalised Errands

Consider us as your personal concierge, we will make arrangements or run certain errands for you.
Meeting and delegation representation Accommodation, bookings, travel guide.
Business conflict mediation
Project management
Investigative services
Gifts and surprises
Comprehensive property management

Emissary Transactions

This service is to protect you from any Fraudulent activities as we conduct a Risk Assessment analysis before you make a transaction.
Medical Payments
Rental and Dept Collection
Money transfer
Payment of school fees
Purchasing goods and services

Staffing Solutions

Recruit employees in over 52 African countries using our global expansion platform www.munyayi.com. Recruit
globally without a foreign subsidiary
and tap into Africa’s skilled and talented personnel.