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I am a self driven and goal oriented young adult. My work ethic and my desire to learn ensure that I am always adapting to new situations. I have good interpersonal skills which allow me to be an asset to my colleagues and to my clients. I have experience in high pressure environments which require one to deliver high standard results while facing demanding deadlines. I am able to work well with others and build on key client relationships as well as relationships with colleagues. My qualifications include a BCom Marketing Management degree from the University of Pretoria and a Digital Marketing Certificate from Marketers Association of Africa. My hobbies include reading, playing sport, playing chess, writing and reading poetry, modeling and acting. If it challenges me then I am up for it.


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Marketing Officer

  •  AU Gold Distillery
  •  Apr 2018 - Sep 2019

I was in charge of marketing the companies products and creating viable marketing strategies for the company. The main focus was on increasing the presence of the alcohol brand on premise and relationship building as well as management of valuable clients. My role was centered on building and managing the brands online presence as the shift from instore to online purchases needed consistent monitoring to ensure a competitive advantage in the market.


BCom Marketing Management

  •  University Of Pretoria
  •  Jan 2017 - Jan 2020

I completed my BCom Marketing Management Degree at the University of Pretoria class of 2019 and graduated in 2020. This degree program allowed me to be equipped with the necessary tools to become an effective marketer and the experience as a whole aided in my growth. The opportunities granted by the University such as working with Coca Cola , Satiskin and Italtile for school projects gave students a feel of the working environment and how to deliver results while under pressure. After completing my studies at the University of Pretoria I completed a course in Digital marketing and these two qualifications have aided in making me stay relevant in an ever changing environment.

Digital Marketing Certificate

  •  Marketers Association of Africa
  •  Mar 2020 - Sep 2020

This course equipped me with the following knowledge and skills :
Digital Marketing Overview
Content Marketing
Websites and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social Media Marketing
Email marketing
Mobile marketing
Digital Ads (Paid, Search, Display & Video Ads)
Digital Marketing Analytics
Digital Marketing Strategy and Transformation.

All these skills have helped me become an effective and efficient marketer in an ever changing environment where having the relevant skills is essential to assist clients.