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Short for Unique Sustainable Ethics iN Agricultural Solutions is a registered company under the law of Africa


We provides unique farming solutions to Farmers & aspiring Farmers on their day to day challenges or problems. We provide product knowledge, farm visits and online training.

Our Solutions are not only unique but also sustainable.


We mainly focus on

“`👉 Organic, permaculture way of farming“`

“`👉Reducing Cost“`

“`👉High quality yields“`

“`👉Marketing and profit maximization“`


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We use *nonorthodox* ways in solving challenges, as others see molasses as cattle feed, we see it as a fertilizer, pesticide as well as a chemical sticking agent.

As others see a dead dog as rubbish, we see it as protein for our poultry.


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“`👉We turn waste into wealthy“`,

👌Waste into animal feed

👌Waste into fertilizer,

👌Waste into tools and equipments such as water and feeding troughs.


🐇🐓Organic ways of controlling parasites and diseases to animals

🥬🍉Organic ways of controlling pests in our horticulture and field crops

As we grow from the inside out. We grow from what we have.

Never look for what you don’t have. 🤝We help you climbing that ladder

“`🚶Remember a journey of 100 miles starts with a step“`


Currently we are training on the following programs online and practicals


1. Vermiculture

Making your own organic fertilizer and animal feeds

2. Maggots

Making high protein source of feed

3. Rabbit/ Canniculture

Meat, fertilizer and pesticide from rabbit urine

4. Roadrunners

Breeds and management

5. Ethnoveterinary

Use of herbs to treat parasites, pests and diseases

6. Azolla farming

7. Hydroponics fodder

8. Hydroponics gardening

9. Aquaponics

10. Horticulture

11. Land use planning

12. Irrigation design fix and supply

13. Farm structures design fix and supply


*Usena Solutions*

*_Less Cost High Quality Yields_*

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