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6 reasons to outsource a virtual assistant

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Save up to 70% on staffing costs!

Affordable staffing is the number one reason why companies hire a VA. Through VA outsourcing, you can save up to 70% on employment costs through your BPO partners’ cost-effective solutions.

Get all the help you need

Outsource a VA to make your life easier! Through outsourcing, you can delegate administrative and tedious tasks to highly-qualified VAs for a more productive day-to-day business operations.

Access cost-effective, world-class VAs!

Outsourcing connects global businesses to world-class VAs located on the other side of the world. Outsourced VAs can help improve your business through their professional skills and expertise.

Be 100% focused on your core activities

As you delegate the non-core responsibilities to your trusted outsourced VA, you can now focus on high-value work that directly contributes to your company’s growth and development.

Stand out from the tight competition

VAs are not only for administrative tasks. Their expertise can also be utilized for a variety of roles that can help you stand out from the rest of your competition.

Boost your company’s productivity rate

When you have a VA working on your administrative and other tasks, your employees can enjoy more streamlined and organized operations – boosting your company’s productivity rate in no time.

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A Virtual Assistant will simplify your life

Whether you need someone to answer phones, handle research & data entry, manage your CRM, or qualify and follow up on leads, a Virtual Assistant can immensely simplify your life. By offloading administrative tasks, you are able to focus on accelerating the growth of your business, without the costs associated with hiring someone locally. While it is very affordable for you, we also offer highly competitive compensation to our candidates in the Africa. This ensures that we attract the most qualified Virtual Assistants.

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Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A general VA can handle your calendar, schedule meetings, manage your email inbox, proof/edit documents, conduct research, data entry, book travel arrangements, coordinate between clients and/or team members. Your VA can handle almost any administrative task you need to be completed.

Yes, you will be paired with a dedicated Recruitment Specialist who will be your point of contact throughout the process and provide valuable guidance. Once you hire your new VA, you will have a dedicated account manager available to assist with any staff-related matters.

Our VA’s have excellent English skills. You will be able to experience their communication skills during your interview and may administer any mini-test activities you wish for further verification of their skill-sets.

Yes, your VA will be a dedicated employee of your organization and will work the same work schedule each day in your preferred time zone.

Yes, they are there to support your preferred communication with your team and clients during their work schedule, however, you will need to set-up your own VoIP phone system. VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol that describes the method to place and receive phone calls over the internet. Examples of some popular VoIP systems are Skype, RingCentral, and Google Voice.

Since your VA is dedicated to you, there isn’t a back-up person to cover while they are away.