Full stack developer
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I love building and solving problems through code. I also enjoy learning new things and apply them to my work

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I have a knack for problem solving and work independently and with little oversight. I am self-directed, accurate, and have good writing abilities. I am…

IT Specialist
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As the world transforms into a Technology enviroment, as IT experts we are here to help you to develop and adopt the ecosystem of technology.

Empowered by innovation

Hardworking, self-motivated and I seek to develop a strong Information Technology career path in a technical and technology driven environment and to be a value…

Entrepreneur|Computer Scientist |Philathropist | Blogger

Custody Chikambure is a savvy entrepreneurial achiever who fosters and develops profitable financial schemes and is thrilled to be working as a humanitarian from the…

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Mobile App Developer with 5 Years Experience, iOS and Android and Web Development