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Fast, reliable and efficient

Hallo! An ACCA student with 4 years of experience in Accounts, doing Bank Reconciliation, Income Statements, Inventory Management, Payroll Management, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable. Specializing…

working women represents a developed nation

I have the habit of focusing the positive side in all challenging situations, by which I use to seek possible solutions to get succeeded. I…

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I am a recent graduate who has obtained good results throughout the course and I am currently seeking a role at your company that will…

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A dedicated administrator, with more than six years’ experience in business member organizations, project, events and personnel management Self- motivated with sound communication and analytical…

French, translator, interpreter.

I am a fluent French language speaker with over 6years of experience in tutoring, translating and interpreting. I’m amn English language speaker by birth and…

Take the Lead, Lead the way!
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A professional and self-motivated digital marketing&customer services specialist with experience in implementing effective marketing strategies, customer services provision,social media management, graphic design and email campaigns.